First Aid Certificate Training and Courses

Why CPR training is Important?

It’s really difficult to predict the emergence of an emergency situation. In order to avoid certain health related circumstances, its better you acquire some knowledge about CPR. CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is an easy and effective way to save a life before the medical help arrives.

Cardiac arrest is a common health issue that leads to death. Each year, more than 350,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests occur. When a person has a cardiac arrest, survival depends on getting immediate CPR from someone nearby. CPR, if performed in the first few minutes of cardiac arrest, can increase a person’s chance of survival.

Today, individuals are seen getting trained for CPR in order to acquire certification from any recognized institute. CPR is not only useful for treating heart-attack, but the concept is beneficial to save a life following an accident or injury as well.

Why Isn’t CPR Done More Often?

During an emergency situation, people usually forget what to do. They start to panic and the situation turns worse. Even those with medical training can’t remember the steps to follow in order to handle an emergency situation. This is when you need someone who is capable of performing CPR.

Since 2010, the heart association has advocated a simplified version of bystander CPR. If a person collapses in front of you, the necessary emergency action to take is to administer rapid and forceful chest compression until medical help arrives. All you need is to act fast because each and every minute that goes by without doing anything decreases the phase of survival by 10 percent. CPR pushes blood up from the person’s heart into their brain.

Benefits of Knowing CPR

As it is said that CPR is an important skill that everyone should learn; here we will let you know about some crucial benefits that the method offers.

    • Knowing CPR empowers you to help someone in need
    • CPR is the most effective way to save an individual whose breathing or heart has stopped
    • Having multiple people certified in CPR is beneficial. They can help you with better suggestion during a crisis situation
    • Knowing CPR can give you advantage in some jobs. Many jobs require CPR certification as an additional qualification

Avail CPR courses

If you would like to apply for CPR courses, get in touch with Immediate Response in Sunshine Coast. Strives to provide quality training, the institute brings for you the amazing opportunity to get your name enrolled and start with the training session.

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