CPR The Life Saving Technique

Are you prepared to deal with a situation where you spot a person unconscious and not breathing normally? This is exactly how we define a person suffering a cardiac arrest.


Well CPR should not only be known to doctors, nurses or paramedics. It is important that you and me know the required CPR skills. Being trained in First Aid & CPR gives us the power to save lives.


A person suffering a cardiac arrest has high chances of survival if he or she receives CPR immediately. Always remember when you spot an emergency, make it a point to call for the ambulance first and then perform CPR until trained medical help arrives.


Performing CPR is not hard. It can be easily performed by individuals even with no medical background. We live in a world where we do not breathe, eat or drink pure and have a stressful life. This increases the chances of cardiac diseases.




CPR is simple. We can wind it up in three easy steps. These steps are popularly known as “CAB”


This is the first step. Where the CPR performer needs to push hard at the centre of the chest to keep the survival chances high until help arrives.


In this step it is important to tilt the head of the victim backwards to make sure there is space for air to reach the lungs.


This is the third and final step in CPR, where mouth to mouth breath is given to the person in need.


You need to repeat the above until help arrives. The same CAB cycle can be used for infants, children and adults. Australia has many First Aid training institutes that provide reliable CPR courses, especially in Sunshine Coast.


Remember there nothing better than being able to save a life. Being well trained and alert can help humanity. So don’t delay and enroll yourself for First Aid and CPR course training and possess the ability to save lives.