The First Aid Provider

First aid is something that is provided to a person at the time of medical emergency before a trained medical personal arrives. We can never predict who may need first aid and when. Work is a place where all of us tend to spend maximum time of the day.

Safety first should be the motive of every organization or business unit. Accidents, injuries, illness or emergencies can come across anytime. Research shows that timely received first aid, from a trained person has been a life saver in many emergency situations.

Offices should always have handy first aid box, which is well equipped with required medicines in sufficient quantities. One more important thing that employers must follow is to have a dedicated person trained in first aid to attend such emergencies efficiently.

First Aid courses in sunshine coast can be availed in order to get maximum of interested staff members trained in first aid. This will definitely add to the safety quotient of the organisation.

Let us understand a little more in detail about first aid at office and the first aid provider.

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Emergency Plan

Well this has nothing to do with the first aid kit. In fact it is the basic step that every first aid provider in an office should be aware of, to perform better. Every organisation must make sure to have ruled out an emergency plan for response. This plan should consist of details like, who, how and when is supposed to be got in touch with.

Phone numbers of emergency contacts should be made visible and also must be shared with all the staff members. It is important to know where the office first aid box is kept. Infact offices should have a first aid drill once a month or once in two months to keep the staff aware of such important & necessary information.

Safety First

Here we try and understand the basics when a person is already in trouble. Initially as a first aid provider check for potential hazards. The person who is to receive help must be in a safe place before receiving first aid. It is important to be confident and alert during the process.

In case the room or area around the person in need is cluttered, make sure to ask people to take a step behind and give the patient some room to breathe.

In situations where you are alone with the person in need, do not forget to make a call to the emergency medical help line, to get trained medical help at the earliest.

These are a few basics that will help workplaces become a safer place to be.