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Minor wounds

Minor wounds

A wound is caused when our body tissue is torn or cut. Types of wounds include abrasions, amputations, incisions, lacerations and punctures.

Types of Wounds

Abrasion (also called a graze) is the rubbing away of the skin due to friction against a rough surface. This damages the blood vessels (capillaries) and the blood appears to weep from the wound.

These types of injuries are generally caused by scraping the skin on a rough surface.

A laceration is a jagged-tear in the skin often with a loss of tissue which results from an injury e.g. barbed wire. A laceration may be minor or severe. Most minor lacerations have minimal bleeding, minimal pain and no numbness or tingling at the site. If you can see any bones or tendons or there is excessive bleeding and pain, seek medical attention immediately.

Minor Laceration

Clean the laceration site well with warm water and an antibacterial soap.

Cover the laceration with a sterile dressing. Change the dressing daily or when soiled. When the dressing is changed, clean the site and apply antibacterial ointment.

If red streaks or draining fluid appear around the laceration, contact a medical professional immediately.


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