First Aid Certificate Training and Courses

Nosebleed Copy


Use standard precautions to protect yourself from coming into contact with blood by using gloves.

Have the casualty pinch the soft part of the nostrils, below the bridge of the nose.

Assist the casualty to sit down.

The casualty should lean with their head forward to avoid blood flowing down their throat.

Ask the casualty to breathe through their mouth.

Apply a cold compress to the nose, neck or forehead.

The casualty should remain seated at total rest with their nose pinched for at least 10 minutes.

On a hot day or after exercise, it might be necessary to maintain pressure for at least 20 minutes.

If bleeding continues for more than 20 minutes seek medical assistance.

 Advise the casualty not to blow or pick their nose for several hours or to swallow any blood.

Note: If a head injury is suspected along with the nosebleed; follow head injury management starting with calling 000 for an ambulance.

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