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Importance of First Aid Refresher Course for Employers

First Aid qualification is mandatory in most of the workplaces in Australia, to ensure safety and immediate help during emergency medical situations. First Aid courses in sunshine coast, taught under the National Training Information Service are the most recommended & credible.

As per rules, once an employee successfully completes the First Aid Course at work, he or she can perform the same in emergency situations for three years. Once the validity of this course lapses, it is necessary to take up the assessment once again called as the refresher course, to update knowledge and skills of First Aid.

Well! Learning the skills all over again is optional. In-short we can say that it is not mandatory to make a learning attempt all over again. But, these refresher courses certainly are beneficial. The Health & Safety Executives, strongly recommend first-aiders to participate in annual first aid training course. Many employees do have a question in mind that why is it so important to take up the same course every year?

A refresher course is a valuable opportunity, where employees get to revise and revisit the skills and knowledge they learnt in the original course. This course certainly makes sense, because there are many instances where the first aider does not get an opportunity to use these skills in the span of a year. Refresher training particularly helps the employee learn and practice all of it again.

To use these skills in a live and real life situation, confidence is what really matters to get it done well. If a person is out of touch it is difficult to get the desired confidence. Hence, organizations focus more on getting the refresher training.

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